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“We’re Making It Personal”

The BoardWe have a new Board, a new submissions process, and we’re making it personal!  We are building connections through our Board with the Missouri Writers’ Guild, the Saint Louis Writers’ Guild, and the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild that will give writers a personal connection to a publishing house.

The members of our new Board are: Donna Essner (President, SEMO WG), Janet Cannon (Newsletter Editor, MWG), Brad Cook (President, SLWG), Catherine Rankovic (Owner, BookEval.com, LLC), and Deb Marshall (Director, Warrior Arts Alliance).  Our board members will be liaisons with local and regional writing programs and groups. Each will work with his or her organization to identify talented writers and promising manuscripts.

This connection is long overdue.  Too many writers, frustrated by the submissions process, are trying to do it all on their own through self-publishing or vanity publishing. Some are even creating their own publishing houses.  It’s all expensive and unnecessary.  This money and time is being spent because sending your manuscript to a “big” publisher is too often an exercise in frustration.  You receive little or no response, and you don’t know what to do to improve your work.  It’s just too impersonal.

Now, because of our new Board, members of the Missouri Writers’ Guild, Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild, or the Saint Louis Writers’ Guild have a personal connection with Walrus.  Here is how it will work:

  • Members of the Missouri Writers’ Guild should provide a cover letter (bio and synopsis) and sample chapters to Lisa Miller at lisa.miller@walruspublishing.com.  Only two manuscripts from a member will be considered in a calendar year.  Two manuscripts from all submissions will be presented to the Board for consideration.
  • Members of the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild may submit their manuscripts to Janet Cannon for review according to a process set up by the Guild.  Janet will work with the Guild to determine which manuscripts will be presented to the Board for consideration.
  • Members of the Saint Louis Writers’ Guild may provide entries to Brad Cook.  The entries will be entered as part of a contest, and the two winners will be presented to the Board for consideration.

Once identified, the board member becomes the writer’s advocate as the Board considers manuscripts for publication. Not all manuscripts will be accepted for publication. However, all manuscripts considered for publication by the Board will receive a manuscript evaluation.  All manuscripts accepted for publication will be taken through the publishing process by someone on the Board.

If your Guild or Chapter is not represented on the Board, we would still love to offer a similar connection through a subscription service.  A subscription would allow your Guild or Chapter to present two manuscripts for consideration and to advocate at our board meetings for the manuscripts to be published.  Unsolicited manuscripts will still be accepted and considered as part of the regular submissions process.  The new submissions process, the subscription service, and the regular submission process are explained in detail at www.walruspublishing.com/submissions.

This new approach to submission-to-publication process made possible by our new Board extends the power of an already wonderful network of dedicated professionals.  It brings them together focused on the mission of providing opportunity and support to talented writers and bringing great books to Walrus readers.  The personal connection is going to make all the difference!

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