Walrus Publishing, Inc.


Walrus Publishing, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Lisa Miller. Walrus Publishing, Inc. is a privately held corporation overseen by a Board of Directors and directly managed by its Publisher/President.

Our mission is to contribute to the literary arts by publishing books people enjoy reading, by collaborating with writing groups and programs, and by assisting writers.

Board of Directors

Lisa Miller – Publisher, President
Janet Cannon – Newsletter Editor, Missouri Writers’ Guild
Brad Cook – President, Saint Louis Writers’ Guild
Donna Essner – President, Southest Missouri Writers’ Guild
Catherine Rankovic – Owner/Editor, BookEval.com, LLC
Deb Marshall – Director, Warriors Arts Alliance

Our Board Members are liaisons with local and regional writing programs and groups. Each works through his or her organization to identify talented writers and promising manuscripts.

Once identified, the Board Member becomes the writer’s advocate as the Board
considers manuscripts for publication. Not all manuscripts will be accepted for publication. However, this unique process promotes a strong and personal relationship between Walrus and writers and writing groups.

Our Authors and Contributors

Jennifer Adele, contributor
Curtis Christopher Comer, author
Diana Davis, contributor
Margo Dill, contributor
Julie Earhart-Cracchiolo, contributor
Aubrie Elliot, author
Matthew Freeman, author
Mark W. Tiedemann, author