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The Haunting of Willow Tree Court

The Haunting of Willow Tree CourtA modern-day, dark, adult fairy tale… a suspenseful ghost story like you’ve never read before!

The book tells the story of Sally Archer in first person, a young woman who has survived a terrible and life-altering car wreck. Left crippled and childless, she is moved to a new home, to a house on Willow Tree Court. And, that is when the magic begins to happen, when mysteries begin to ravel and unravel in a dance of beauty and the macabre, in a tale as old as time.

The book not only captures the sentience inherent in nature but also the many different aspects of human nature. It tackles the concepts of haunting as posed from both the perspectives of the dead and the living. And, it leaves the reader to answer their own reflective questions in a pensive exploration of modern life and ancient mysteries.

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