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Gravity Box and Other Spaces

Gravity Box Cover Human connection is the Gravity Box that keeps us spinning through the past, future, and fantasy worlds in this thought-provoking short-story collection.  Each story takes you on a journey down strange roads to unexpected places.  The territory seems familiar, but the scenery has changed making it possible to consider our own lives and loves with a new perspective.

Mark Tiedemann is well known for his previous works of science fiction and fantasy, but he has out done himself with this new collection of his best short stories in which he creates rich and wonderful places for us to explore the human heart.  These stories will entertain you in the moment and come back to your imagination again and again.


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“Ranging from rural fantasy to urban dystopia, Gravity Box is the opposite of a black hole: Mark Tiedemann has wrought a stellar event from which phenomena of every sort—fancies, fears, ideas, aspirations, surges of eros, irruptions of violence—escape to transfix and enlighten us.”

James Morrow, author of The Madonna and the Starship

“Mark Tiedemann includes enough scientific and fantastical details to satisfy the most demanding sf/f reader, but the stories really draw their power from the book’s human elements—a woman’s longing for her lover’s touch, a young boy’s yearning to belong, an adolescent’s desperate attempts to break free of the poisonous gravity of home. It’s the familiar that makes the alien so relatable and so real.”

Sharon Shinn

“Mark Tiedemann’s worlds are surreal, sexy, and strange. This is an inventive collection from an author who never fails to surprise.”

Carolyn Gilman

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