Walrus Publishing, Inc.

Submission Guidelines

The Editorial Board (Board of Directors) meets in April and October to consider manuscripts for publication.

Open Submissions

Walrus Publishing is open to general submissions of original, unpublished work.  We publish Trade Fiction of any genre with the exception of pornography.  We also accept poetry collections (40 pages or more) from an individual or multiple poets.

We accept open submissions year round.

Only complete submissions will be considered.  Complete submissions consist of:

  • Query Letter – Ensure your letter includes:
    • Real Name and Pen Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email address
    • Biographical Sketch (200 words or less)
    • Working title of manuscript and anticipated word count
    • Synopsis which provides full detail of the work
    • Manuscript excerpt of 10,000 15,000 words or 50 pages of text.  If you are providing poetry samples, please include at least five poems which best represent your work.

The excerpt and synopsis should be provided as one file in MS Word (.doc, .docx) or Adobe Acrobat© (.pdf) format attached to your email.

Please email your submission to submissions@walruspublishing.com.  An auto responder will confirm we have received your email.  Manuscripts are reviewed in March and September.

Guild Submissions

Walrus Publishing has a direct relationship through our Board of Directors with the Missouri Writers’ Guild, the Saint Louis Writers’ Guild, and the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild.  This relationship allows for the members of these Guilds to work with representatives on our Board to provide manuscripts for consideration.

  • Members of the Missouri Writers’ Guild should provide a cover letter (bio and synopsis) and sample chapters to Lisa Miller at lisa.miller@walruspublishing.com.  Only two manuscripts from a member will be considered in a calendar year.  Two manuscripts from all submission will be presented to the Board for consideration.
  • Members of the Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild may submit their manuscripts to Janet Cannon for review according to a process set up by the Guild.  Janet will work with the Guild to determine which manuscripts will be presented to the Board for consideration.
  • Members of the Saint Louis Writers’ Guild may provide entries to Brad Cook.  The entries will be entered as part of a contest and the two winners will be presented to the Board for consideration.

The board member is responsible for ensuring submissions are provided by members in good standing with his or her Guild.  The Board member is also responsible for communicating with Guild members the rules and requirements for submission.  The selection process for each Guild is internal to the Guild.

After the manuscripts are selected, the board member becomes the writer’s advocate as the Board considers manuscripts for publication. Not all manuscripts will be accepted for publication. However, all manuscripts considered for publication by the Board will receive a manuscript evaluation.  All manuscripts accepted for publication will be taken through the publishing process by someone on the Board.

Guilds and Chapters not represented on the Walrus Board who would like to participate in this process should consider becoming a subscription member.  See “Subscription Submissions” for more information.

Subscription Submissions

A subscription submission extends the Guild submission process to writing Guilds, Chapters, or other organizations that are not represented on the Board.

These writing organizations may apply for a subscription by contacting the publisher, Lisa Miller.  The annual subscription fee is $200.  This opportunity is open to any organization that is a legally recognized entity (profit or non-profit) with a membership whose objective is to support writers and writing.

Subscriptions allow the organization to submit two manuscripts per year for consideration by the Board.  A representative from the organization will be encouraged to participate in either the April or October editorial meeting to advocate for the manuscript’s selection for publication.

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