Walrus Publishing, Inc.

The Story of Change

Saint Louis City Flag

By Lisa Miller
Publisher @ Walrus Publishing

Words have great power.  Your words, your experience, your truth is powerful.  You have a story to tell as the unrest in our community and across the nation continues.  I extend to you a place to write about your experience and share it with others.  You have a place here to tell others about your experience.  You have a place here to tell what the media does not. You have a place here to be heard.  Please share your experiences in comments below or on our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

Walrus also extends to you the opportunity to write longer essays about your experience which can be posted to this site in a separate article.  I suggest essays/stories of about 250 to 500 words length, but please do not feel limited to this.  Email me directly at lisa.miller@walruspublishing.com.  If there are enough postings, I will pursue publishing them as a collection to chronicle our shared community experience.  Let’s write our history while you are making it.

Because emotions are understandably running high and the issues we face can be very divisive, I ask that you stay focused on your experience and be respectful of this venue and each other.