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Nancy Nau Sullivan’s Memoir The Last Cadillac is a Romping Good Ride

The Last Cadillac is available April 26, 2016

The Last CadillacWalrus Publishing, an imprint of Amphorae Publishing Group, announces The Last Cadillac written by Nancy Nau Sullivan will be published April 26, 2016. The Last Cadillac is available for pre-order at retailers and online in paperback for $15.95 or as an e-book for $9.99. InThe Last Cadillac readers will go on a heart-warming, humorous adventure filled with tribulations and triumphs—the stuff of memories.

David Armand, Associate Editor, Louisiana Literature Press wrote in his review, “Nancy Nau Sullivan’s The Last Cadillac is a daughter’s heartfelt and loving tribute to her father and her family. She takes her reader from the Midwest to Florida to Ireland and back, never losing her sense of humor—and her sense of duty to her family—along the way. With Sullivan, we survive hurricanes, philandering ex-husbands, teenagers, sibling rivalry, stomach bugs, strokes, cancer, and tragedy. But in the end, like Sullivan, we are stronger for it, and we’re left with a feeling of hope for the future. For any reader who has had to take care of their parents—or anyone they care about—this book is highly recommended. And for anyone who just wants a good story, told with the finesse and clarity of the best memoir writing, this book is also for you.”

The Last Cadillac will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. The story is a memoir, but it is also what the author’s children dubbed, “The Adventure.”  Their pilgrimage to The Sunshine State,  was greeted by Hurricane Josephine where they were buffeted by more than just deadly wind, rain, and water, but also an ailing father, bitter sibling rivalries, and the death of a friend. Ultimately, The Last Cadillac is a growing experience for all.

About the Author
Nancy Nau Sullivan has worked as a newspaper journalist, teacher, and most recently, as a University English Specialist in the Peace Corps in Mexico. She has taught English in Chicago, Argentina, and at a boys’ prison in Florida. In her later years, she earned her master’s degree in journalism from Marquette University. Her stories have appeared in Akashic Books, The Blotter, The Atherton Review, and skirt!magazine. Her story, “Once I Had a Bunch of Thyme” won honors at the Carnegie Center in Lexington, KY. Find Nancy online at nancynausullivan.com and Facebook.

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