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Book Review: Kingdom Keepers VI – Dark Passage by Ridley Pearson

Ridley Pearson, a local author, has connections like no other. He gets to experience Disney parks after dark and behind-the-scenes so that he can share the story of the Kingdom Keepers with audiences young and old around the world. He first introduced us to the Kingdom Keepers in Book I of the same title, sharing the lives of five teens who thought they were merely modeling for a new holographic system in the parks of Disney (known as DHI’s). Surprisingly, these teens actually awoke as their holographic images at night within the park walls as a scheme to defeat the Overtakers (aka, the Disney villains that we have all grown up with). Pearson has outlined their journey and adventures as they grow up fighting evil across the different Disney venues through five novels. At the end of Book V, our holographic heroes are left in limbo, in trouble aboard a Disney cruise.

Originally, Book VI Dark Passage was to be the final chapter of the Kingdom Keepers’ journey; however, Pearson discovered that the teens’ fight against evil was not quite at its end. They continue to ward off evil, fighting against Maleficent and Chernabog, among others. Team members are injured. Secret alliances are revealed, and the battle becomes one of life or death.

Pearson’s unique Disney series is one that I adore. It keeps readers engaged, turning the pages, guessing at what may come, and cheering on an unlikely group of friends that support each other in the greatest time of need. April 2014 cannot come fast enough when Book VII, the true final chapter of this group of Kingdom Keepers, is revealed.

Once you have read the series to date, be sure to check out the Kingdom Keepers Insider. Fans can read the latest Kingdom Keepers news, including samples from Book VII as well as contribute ideas and fan fiction to the author himself.

FINAL DECISION: A fun, action-packed series for the whole family that fans can now dive in deeper than ever before!

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