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Book Review: Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book Review:  Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

by Tif Sweeney

Meet Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter.  She is one tough gal that is feared by many of the strongest bad guys around, and it has nothing to do with her sex appeal.  These bad guys are not just your average evil, but men and women of the immortal and inhumane type.  In fact, the leader of the pack wants Anita’s body for her own, putting humans and non-humans alike in terrible danger across the country.  Anita is usually based out of our very own St. Louis, working for the U.S. Marshals’ special paranormal unit and living with a bit of paranormal herself.  In Hamilton’s latest novel, Hit List, Anita travels to Seattle to work one of the worst serial murder cases in recent history, and her time away from home is no coincidence.  Will Anita not only be able to survive intact but also live up to her reputation when she is confronted with the worst of the worst?

This is my first time reading Hamilton, and she did not disappoint.  I had a hard time putting down the book, but was often confused with little details.  After finishing the book, I discovered that Hit List is #20 in her Anita Blake series and many of these details had probably been addressed earlier.  However, this has not held me back in any way!  I was intrigued enough that I now want to go back and read the series from the beginning.  Her world is easy to fall into and with a setting so close to home, how can a local not want to check it out?

I would only leave you with one question before proceeding further into my Hamilton recommendations:  Are you a die-hard fan of Anita Blake already or have you yet to discover her?  If you are already a fan, I believe Hit List will not disappoint.  If you have not yet met her, then I would recommend starting the series from the beginning to get the full background on this infamous woman.  But be warned:  Blake is not for the faint of heart!

For those paranormal fans, don’t forget to check out An Evening with Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton.  For those tried and true fans of Hamilton, share your experiences with the Vampire Hunter.  For those who have not had the pleasure of Blake, are you planning on jumping in on the fun?

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