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Fierce Reads Visits Saint Louis

Fierce Reads 2

Fierce Reads, a group of five young adult authors, stopped in Saint Louis September 20 as part of their cross country trek. Hosted by Left Bank Books amidst the beauty of the Saint Louis Ethical Society, fans picked the brains of these women behind the words, from writing to reading and so much more. Let’s…

Alafair Burke on a Dark and Stormy Night

Alafair Burke courtesy of her website.

On September 25, a dark and stormy night, Alafair Burke visited Saint Louis County Library Headquarters for the first time to discuss her novels. Burke, an author of eight suspense novels featuring strong female leads, comes by her talent honestly. Her mother was a school librarian; her father an English teacher and the bestselling novelist,…

Talking with Curtis Comer

Curtis Comer

Recently, I had the great pleasure of talking with local author Curtis Comer about his new book (Not Quite) Out to Pasture. Congratulations on your newest publication!  (Not Quite) Out to Pasture is, effectively, a collection of pieces you had written for the St. Louis LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) magazine – The Vital Voice…

Cause for celebration! Walrus Publishing – Book Release Party: Curtis Comer’s (Not Quite) Out to Pasture

(Not Quite) Out to Pasture

It was a warm, late-summer Sunday afternoon early in September when Walrus celebrated the launch of Curtis Comer’s fabulous new book, (Not Quite) Out to Pasture. A crowd of family, friends, and St. Louis literature lovers filled Left Bank Books in the Central West End to share this festive occasion with Curtis and Walrus.  The…

Book Review: Lucy by Ellen Feldman


by Julie Failla Earhart Tackling historic figures is nothing new for author Ellen Feldman. With such novels as Scottsboro and The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, Feldman is a pro at researching historic eras.  With Lucy, Feldman digs into the life of one of the more obscure yet highly controversial women of the mid-twentieth century,…

Dr. Julie Williams Part of a Rare Titanic Family

A Rare Titanic Family

In the last one hundred years of American history, few events have captured the imagination like the sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic April 14, 1912. The tragedy of the maiden voyage of the biggest ship in the world at that time holds many diverse story lines, from heroism on a grand scale to cowardice that…