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The Bone Gatherer
Get ready to enter a world where the magical and the macabre are interwoven, where life and death are bound one to another by wax seals, gathered bones, dried herbs, voodoo veves, and hidden rooms. Get ready to enter the Bixby Estate… and to meet The Bone Gatherer.

Price: $15.99
Gravity Box and Other Spaces
Human connection is the Gravity Box that keeps us spinning through the past, future, and fantasy worlds in this thought-provoking short-story collection. Each story takes you on a journey down strange roads to unexpected places. The territory seems familiar, but the scenery has changed making it possible to consider our own lives and loves with a new perspective.
Price: $0.00
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Chthonic MRI and Other Poems
Matthew Freeman has done it again with this engaging collection of 12 poems that present the musings of a soul just trying to make its way in a confusing and contradictory world.
Price: $5.00
Can Vera reclaim the life she knew and the tree she loved, an odd tree that is central to her existence? Can Vera override a Fate that stalks her and stares at her with red ember eyes, a Fate that seems determined to destroy her? Can a curse be broken and age-old spells unbound?...
Price: $15.99
Halfway There
Aubrie is now a middle-aged lesbian, and she isn’t quite sure what that means;  everything seems bittersweet these days as Aubrie deals with her new body, her old relationship, and her surprise at suddenly being “halfway there.” 10% of the retail price will be donated to SAGE – Metro Saint Louis
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Price: $5.00
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