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Career, Romance and 50 Shades of Michele Dunaway

Michele Dunaway

I’ve known Michele Dunaway nearly six years. I met her in an airport lounge and…No, this isn’t the intro to one of her best-selling Harlequin Romance novels. She was at the airport because some of NASCAR’s biggest names were in town to race at an area dirt track and she was researching the sport to…

Andrew Asberry Mans the Bat-Signal in St. Louis


I’ve been a fan of comics for as long as I can remember. The first comic I remember buying was DC Presents No. 30 in the spring of 1981 at age seven featuring Superman and Black Canary. The first comic that really meant anything to me I bought a few months later, X-Men No. 144.…

G. Norman Lippert and the Son of Harry Potter

G Norman Lippert2

If you’ve read any of my writing here, you know that Harry Potter and the world of wizards created by JK Rowling ranks high on my list of favorite books. Like many others, I’ve been torn as to whether I want to see more stories about The Chosen One or if I want the story…

Dr. Julie Williams Part of a Rare Titanic Family

A Rare Titanic Family

In the last one hundred years of American history, few events have captured the imagination like the sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic April 14, 1912. The tragedy of the maiden voyage of the biggest ship in the world at that time holds many diverse story lines, from heroism on a grand scale to cowardice that…